Name: Jim Woods
Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 412.974.2586
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Summary: Senior marketing communications leader with 25 years of experience.

Current Employer: PUSH 7 Agency
Position Title: Vice President
Employment Dates: January 2019 – Current
Position Overview: As part of the senior leadership team, I provide client council in areas, including communications strategy, messaging, digital and social media.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement strategy to advance client objectives across marketing and communications.
  • Proactively monitor and translate industry trends to create opportunities to advance client leadership.
  • Assess competitive landscape through market research and identify market ownership opportunities.
  • Manage work streams and teams to ensure quality and scheduled deliverable of project assets.

Prior Employer: American Iron and Steel Institute
Position Title: Senior Director, Sustainability Communications
Employment Dates: May 1995 – January 2019
Position Overview: For more than 20 years, I led industry sustainability outreach by traveling the globe, growing market share for steel by credibly communicating the sustainable advantages of steel produced in North America.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Generated demand for steel as the sustainable material of choice through promoting understanding of the recycling, life cycle, circular economy and social benefits of steel.
  • Strategically positioned steel to align industry messaging with emerging regulatory, environmental and customer requirements.
  • Advocated for the North American steel industry through participation in key state, national and global associations, NGOs and partner organizations.
  • Analyzed competitive landscape to capitalize on pre-competitive opportunities to unite industry sustainability messaging.


Leadership Boards and Committees:

Other Communications Experience:

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