At the heart of the profession, communicators are problem solvers. One person knows information and needs a strategy to help the right people become aware, understand, and develop affinity for that information.

That’s the root of every communications strategy–identifying how to transfer knowledge in a way that is meaningful to the intended target. JIMWOODSPR is built on helping your business achieve meaningful results.

Jim Woods conducting a media roundtable on behalf of a client.
Media roundtables are a powerful way to quickly tell your story to a key audeince.

For 25 years, I’ve worked with industries, associations, small businesses and NGOs to strategically communicate to B2B and B2C audiences. From simple press releases to global strategies, I have:

  • Worked with international associations to promote the sustainable aspects of materials
  • Guided industries in communicating their corporate-social impacts. 
  • Partnered with national organizations to modify recycling behavior
  • Developed social strategies to influence key stakeholders
  • Collaborated with government relations organizations to educate decision makers

Time to take the first step in achieving your goals, contact me and let’s build a public relations strategy to suit your needs.