Beaver County, PA has long been known for its affordability, livability and work ethic. More recently, the region has become known for its abundant energy and innovation. In recent years, more than $4.6 billion in private investments, along with $143 million in grants and loans, have created 12,000 new jobs in Beaver County.

This influx of new jobs tap into the industrious work ethic of people in Beaver County while embracing workforce-ready graduates of top colleges and research centers.

The winning combination of economics, workforce, education and resources have attracted new global sectors to Beaver County, including energy, robotics, advanced manufacturing, automation and medical research.

Jim Woods, in Mumbai, India, working with a group of global steel professionals to synthesize messaging related to sustainability and the circular economy.

These multinational companies taking root in Beaver County, and the region, need a strong voice–a voice that harmonizes with the local community but resonates globally.

JIMWOODSPR has a long history of working with multinational, industrial companies. Now as an independent public relations company in Beaver County, Jim still works closely with our new, global neighbors and builds the narrative that supports community relations and license to operate, while supporting global business objectives. Contact JIMWOODSPR today to achieve your local, and global, communications goals.